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Knowing your margins and cost of goods will insure consistent profits.

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What is is a powerful estimating tool for the sign and graphics industry. This software has been developed by sign industry professionals with more than 20 years of industry experience. Using day-to-day experience with customer orders, the software will handle just about any scenario you encounter – giving you the ability to spend less time on quotes and more time producing products.

We all know that the sign and graphics business can be complicated. With hundreds of materials and parts, it’s hard to keep track of them all and know how to price them. CreateABid has compiled all of this information in an easy and comprehensive manner that makes sense for your business.

Accurately Price Projects

Generally this industry uses a square foot pricing model, which is not an accurate method because it either over or under charges the customer. CreateABid calculates the material you actually use for the project. The system will tell you how many linear feet required for the project and provide the square foot pricing. This gives your customers a better square foot price that covers your cost – including waste per run.

For example, when the customer requests a 3’x 5’ print-on-canvas material wrapped on a wood frame, simply enter the size (36”x60”), choose the canvas material, and the system will nest the size onto the print material to minimize waste. Once you add the number of wood sticks for the frame and the amount for labor, you will be able to see exactly how much this job costs and how long it will take to produce. It’s simple.


CreateABid is essential for any size shop because it helps schedule projects. Once you enter order details, CreateABid shows you the exact number of hours the job will take to produce – giving you confidence when telling your customer an appropriate delivery date.


Accounting systems have a widget style approach to calculating pricing and are not very graphic-industry friendly. With CreateABid, you have the ability to import estimates into your accounting software for bookkeeping and inventory – keeping accounting out of sales and sales out of accounting. When imported into your accounting system, CreateABid provides a chart of accounts for tracking sold products. This feature eliminates mistakes while helping you with sales projections and cost analysis.

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