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Cloud Based Estimating and Invoicing Software

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Know Your Business

Know exactly what a job will cost and how long it will take. Know your print time and production schedule. Create more bids faster allowing more room for growth. Feel confident that you and your employees are bidding accurately – saving you time and money.

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Impress Your Customers

Look professional to your customers with quick and accurate estimates. Complete production on time if not early because you have the data to estimate an accurate delivery date. Provide your customers quality and consistent service every time they order from you.

Eliminate Catalogs

Have the ability to use a part instantly from the CreateABid product list without the need to thumb through a catalog. Save time and money knowing you can quickly find answers to your customer’s questions. With a fast-pace business you need software that can work for you.

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Be a part of the fastest growing software in the graphics industry.

Built Industry Specific

CreateABid was built by sign and graphics industry professionals. It has been tested and used for several years in a sign and graphics business where it has been tweaked and perfected for industry-wide use. Featuring a practical and easy work environment, this software can keep you up-to-date on almost every aspect of your business.

Be a part of the fastest growing software for the sign and graphics industry!

Track Estimates

The CreateABid Dashboard provides a quick status of your estimates and invoices. The dashboard contains charts that summarize pending, open and closed estimates as well as provide a month-to-month comparison of estimates and sales. With the dashboard, you can see at a glance what is in the sales pipeline and optimize scheduling.

Create Multi–Item Orders With Ease

The sign and graphics business is complex, and thus you need an estimating tool that is flexible enough to handle all of the information required for a typical order. CreateABid was designed for all kinds of orders by industry experts who understand the unique requests of your customers.

With CreateABid, you can easily build estimates that include custom sizes and settings within each line item. Custom and complex orders are not an issue – just enter the size and quantity using your parts list and you have an estimate that is accurate and gives you information on how much it will cost in time and labor.

Maintained in the Cloud

The benefits of cloud computing are now available to you with CreateABid. From any internet-connected workstation, you can create and edit estimates without installing software, making backups or installing updates. Just login and begin working.

Hosted in a datacenter designed to never fail (i.e., server redundancy, regular data backups, etc.), CreateABid will be there when you need it.

Managed by You

With the role and user management capability, business owners can:

Integrates with QuickBooks ®

CreateABid integrates with QuickBooks ® through an IIF file export. You can import CreateABid invoice data into QuickBooks ® to save time and improve billing accuracy.

Consolidate Quotes

With the consolidate feature you have the ability to load multiple items into the estimate while only featuring a single line item on your estimate with one bid amount for the project. This allows you to have the detailed information you need while simplifying the process for your customers.

Simplify with Static Parts

Static Parts is a feature that gives you the ability to group parts that have been loaded in your system and save them as a single item. This saves estimating time for signs that consistently require the same materials such as post and panel signs.

Create & Update Parts Lists

We know it is important to bid jobs with the exact materials you will use. CreateABid’s flexibility gives you three options to ensuring that part data is available at your fingertips when you need it.

First, the system is pre-populated with a list of the most popular sign parts from the top suppliers in the business. Second, you can also import your own parts list before you begin building estimates. And, third, you can quickly and seamlessly add a part while building an estimate without leaving the estimating screen. You also have the ability to add substrates through an import or quick add. All added parts or substrates are saved for future use.

All parts are searchable – finding them is as easy as typing a few letters or a word.